We provide the service of audio commercial broadcasting for enterprises. The content includes legally cleared music, commercials of broadcast design, messages, advertisements. We are responsible for the creating of audio atmosphere at a company.


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  • Control via the WEB-interface. Terminal unit automatically and fully generates the broadcast without operator’s assistance. Music is downloaded to storage devices beforehand. Easy control system and advanced reporting schemes make the work with the complex simple and convenient. Music is selected, pretreated, and assorted into ready-made albums. All necessary services are available directly on the site (you can choose your playlist, order the development and recording of a commercial, upload and allocate the message). 100% remote control is guaranteed. Technical support service and installation at your place are realized by means of network offices.
  • Creating a platform for the commercial realization of the rights of public music broadcasting. There is a system of new music downloading, and automatic billing of publicly transmitted works. We take payments and redistribute them to the right holders.




  • Trading companies (centers, complexes, malls, etc.).
  • Chain stores (food, clothing, shoes, cosmetics, etc.).
  • Markets, gyms, fitness centers, ski resorts.
  • Banks, cinema theaters, medical institutions, beauty salons, hairdressers, waiting rooms.
  • Organizations that perform installation of broadcast systems (as a source of sound in the projects).
  • Advertising agencies.

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