Sports lifestyle is not only the norm of a modern man, but it is also an indicator of living standards. A sports club is a different world. It is the world of beauty, harmony and health. And sounding music plays a very important role in this world. The world begins with the administrator and locker rooms. The energetic music is necessary there to prepare your body for a nice exercise load.


While choosing the music we see to it that it has less words and other elements, which distract from the lessons, because music is needed as an auxiliary background only. This factor is very important in fitness programs.


The choice of music for different phases of training determines the background and the appropriate rhythm of workout intensity, the aerobic part and final phase of training.


The following music styles are of the greatest demand:


  • a monotonous style for force training is presented by trance, tribal;
  • an active style for spinning, warming-ups is house, electro;
  • a light style for pool, yoga and relaxation is deep house, lounge.



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