Exhibition is a bright holiday presentation of a product, an article or service. Usually many things depend on the first introduction. The first meeting is a sort of credibility, which is given once. Everything is important at the exhibition. And, of course, the atmosphere created by sounding music has importance, too.


There is no doubt that the creation of audio broadcast on the show is a difficult task. Using of the ready-made technology will solve it quickly, efficiently and effectively. Advert-technology © provides maximum results with minimum efforts.


Time is valuable at the show. Every visitor is a potential consumer. Often the most filtered target audience is presented at exhibitions. On the large-scale exhibition it is difficult to find your way quickly and to see immediately the exact thing you need. Audio announcements and promotional audio commercials are parts of the navigation. They increase the efficiency. It is beneficial to all, i.e. the visitors find innovative solutions quicker, and the participants get their customers.


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