Background music, the facade, the location of shop windows, lighting, the range of colors in the pharmacy are the factors, which can either attract or alienate the customers. So, the first step of pharmacy merchandising in attracting buyers is to create the atmosphere of pharmacy. Atmosphere is a psychological feeling, which a visitor of pharmacy gets. Music, sounding at the pharmacy, plays an important role here.


Advertising is one of the merchandising methods. However, at pharmacies they pay practically no attention to the problem. Often the staff hangs posters on the walls just for beauty, and places the booklets and leaflets, so that they do not disturb the visitors.


Merchandising priorities at the pharmacy are:


  • promoting sales of expensive medicines;
  • providing customers with information on products’ availability. It is usually impossible to cover the whole range, then at least the highly demanded positions should be provided;
  • getting money from the manufacturers for presenting their products in the most attractive way.


Implementing the service of Advert-technology© allows you to solve these problems effectively, simultaneously turning the broadcast into a source of income. Announcements about medicines, navigation, commercials of manufacturers combined with music create a beautiful atmosphere in the hall and give the necessary information to the visitors.



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