Advert-technology© provides the service to create an audio broadcast in public places. The service is a blend of innovative technologies and creativity.


You can make a unique, creative, peculiar audio style of your own. Thousands of musicians, programmers, marketers have worked for you to be able to create with simple means a very complex product - your audio broadcast.


We offer you the end-to-end solution. The terminal unit automatically forms an audio broadcast. The Internet allows you to control your broadcast from any place of the world. You can do this yourself or take advantage of our subsidiaries. The great choice of background music will allow you to choose your very music. One of the numerous recording studios will help you record a commercial. All operations with the service are simple, transparent and informative. The comprehensive system of reports will give you an opportunity to find it out for certain.


We wish you a pleasant work. We shall take care of the rest.


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