To organize the musical broadcast you must install MS-BOX. This unique solution of our company allows you to arrange a fully automatic transmission.

It has already contained a large musical base, presentations of broadcast design and commercials. MS-BOX operates fully automatically. It does not require any maintenance or any other activity of your staff. All you need to get started is to connect to the Internet.



Full automation of the musical broadcast of your shopping center is not a dream, but a reality with universal MS-BOX equipment!


Relax in the Maldives, MS-BOX will work instead of you!


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MS-BOX is a high-tech solution.
Video presentation.
It allows you to automate and schedule your music broadcast fully:



  • automatic generation of the background music playlist;
  • automatic placement of advertisements and commercials in the broadcasting schedule;
  • requires no maintenance;
  • automatic delivery of new advertising messages and updating of the background music remotely - via the data networks (Internet). In this case traffic is minimum;
  • very reliable. It is protected from interruptions in the power grid;
  • low power consumption;
  • reports on the transmitted commercials and music;
  • reports on the work of the program and broadcasting MS-BOX complex;
  • services of professional studios to design and record your commercials;
  • legally cleared music base, which does NOT require any payments to the accredited management bodies of collective rights;
  • the ability to create an advertising site and turn your broadcast of sales areas into a source of income;
  • high-tech solution that is used by the leading Russian networks and shopping malls.


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