We are not going to tell you about the magical influence of tunes, about making zombies and secret military technologies. Functional background music, of course, has an impact on buyers, but it's not magic, it is a scientific approach and understanding of customers’ behavior.


  • Helps to sell more
    In our background music, like in a chess game, everything is thought over to details and is dedicated to the only goal - to help you sell more. Rhythm, tempo, key are working together for you! Functional background music is neither disturbing nor distracting. It does not take you away.


  • Creates a mood of the visitors
    Our background music, like a light wine, gives positive emotions while sounding. When leaving the store you feel slight emotional warmth, as if you have just met an old friend of yours.


  • Creates a positive attitude to your store
    Functional background music, like a smile, operates on a subconscious level. When a customer needs to buy something, then your store will be among the first ones, where he would go. Why? Everyone will have his own answer, but all will agree on one point – it is pleasant to visit your store.


  • Is an element of corporate identity
    Logo and corporate colors form a visual image of the store, but what about the impact on other sensors? You are able to keep a pleasant odour on the trading floor yourself, we think, and as for the attractive sounding of the brand it is our business.


Advert-technology© offers complete collections of functional background music. Copyright and related rights to all songs belong to us, which means that you will pass any inspection.




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