Audio Recording Studio

The Recording Studio of our company specializes in designing audio commercials. We do a complex work such as the development and recording of information, brand and music advertisements. It is possible to attach the "brand" voice to your commercials. We do not produce expensive mega creative or super branding commercials. Our adverts are quality products, which are effective. We offer to develop a commercial script and to record it in the studio; to write an original soundtrack for a commercial; to cast professional voices of different kinds (singers, actors, announcers); to make a prompt recording and transmission of ready-made commercials on the Internet.


Specializing in the development of audio commercials for point-of-sale terminals, reasonable prices and production in a short space of time are the factors that make our collaboration favourable and productive one.


We work with dozens of studios in Russia and abroad. Each of them has its own specifics and strong points. Your requests are of special priority to us. Our knowledge of the market will satisfy them quickly, efficiently and effectively.




















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