The mechanism of influence on the purchase capability of a man is simple, like all genius things. If the customer likes the music he hears in the store, then he has positive emotions. The buyer automatically transfers them to the goods, which he sees on the shelf. A cake seems to be especially tasty, and a blouse looks incredibly stylish. People think less about the money, when they hear a good music. They easily buy things which they do not really need.


Purchasing the package of services you will be able to regulate the flow of consumers. Our music is formed by taking into account the time of day, seasonality, the target group.


Beautiful melodies, stirring rhythms, fantasy of sounds are used to create the mood. The mood to buy. Right here. Right now.


The audiobrending experts say that "the best background music is the one that you do not remember coming out of the store. Meanwhile, acting indirectly, it can actually manipulate the shoppers’ behavior.


Thus, according to marketers, not fast (about 60 beats per minute) instrumental music contributes to the fact that consumers spend on average 17% more time and about 38% more money than in the case, when they hear more dynamic music (108 beats per minute). That is why slow tunes are played in the stores of middle and high class, where the buyers are not very numerous, but practically all visitors can afford to do an impulse purchase ( to buy the desired product at the moment). In contrast, in shopping centers, focused on cheap goods, where there is always a big influx of visitors and the main problem is queuing up to the cash desks and fitting rooms, as a rule, they play a dynamic music. It does not let customers spend a long time to choose, examine or try things, besides it makes vendors work more actively."



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