The success of a cafe, a restaurant depends greatly on the atmosphere in it. The right atmosphere is created with the help of interior design and music. Music affects the mood of customers, enlivens the atmosphere of a cafe, creates the event-trigger effect, which always attracts visitors. The musical collection, specifically made for the definite place, underlines its concept. It is important for the cafe or restaurant, where the atmosphere is the main component. It is necessary to generate the specific sensory perception of services at the customer.


British psychologists have found that classical music, sounding at the restaurant, increases the amount of money you spend as a guest. When we hear classical music, then subconsciously, we're having associations with elegance, luxury and wealth. This fact cheers us up, and as a result, makes us spend a little more money.


The rapid pace is more suitable for cafes and bars, as a kind of music to make guests eat faster. Respectively, they leave their tables faster, and make room for new customers, who, in their turn, increase the turnover of the cafe. But we must not forget that all is good within reasonable limits - if the music sounds too loud, and thus disturbs the guests to talk, whatever music is played, nobody will stay for a long time in the restaurant.



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