There is a technology of organizing functional background music in supermarkets, which can incline customers to make more purchases. In the hours when a supermarket is not crowded, mostly in the morning and afternoon, there should be played a calm instrumental music. It must be beautiful and neutral at the same time. Such music creates a comfortable atmosphere, thanks to which the buyer wants to stay in the store longer. In the evening hours, when the store is filled with lots of buyers, the best choice is a rhythmic instrumental music.


It is very effective to transmit musical collections devoted to such holidays as New Year, Women’s Day (the 8th of March) and Defender’s Day (February, 23rd).
For twenty-four-hour supermarkets it is effective to broadcast special night music for supermarkets (soft ambient music), which will envelop night shoppers with its soft sounds, and will hold them on in the store.


This will allow sale terminals to be loaded as much as possible, for them to operate at full capacity.


It is done on purpose. The more time a buyer spends at a supermarket - the more an "average check” is. Increasing the efficiency of retail space is the task of marketers and merchandisers. We do offer you one of the most effective implements.



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