Dmitry Kovalev
Development and Ideology


It means the elaboration of ideology of products’ development. The goals are to develop the network of representations, to purify the copyright on musical material, and to contact with organizations of collective rights management.


Olesya Ruban
Functional Music and Equipment


The department provides a complete creation of business broadcast. Using broadcasting equipment, specialized software, and Internet technologies it finds solutions for the end users. It is possible to deliver functional music CDs along with commercials of broadcast design. This product is ready for relaying systems. The scope of the department activities includes the purchase and the formation of functional music collections for users.


Inna Krivitckaya

Design and Media Planning


The department produces audio commercials and allocates them in the network-equipped places. Audio materials are made in a short time in professional digital recording studios. The team consists of qualified managers, copywriters, announcers.


Victor Chapliev
Technology and Engineering


The department has been developing Internet-based technologies, testing of products. The broad experience in the establishment of trade companies’ broadcast allows to develop assembly drafting quickly and efficiently. The department organizes the support of products users. It maintains the products and implements new technologies.









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